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You are choosing windows and the first question you ask yourself is: which is the best window material? Which one is Better UPVC, aluminum or wood? Well, you must know that the windows can be made of different materials. The most used are PVC, wood, and aluminum. When it comes to quality hardware UPVC hardware stands out. We will tell you why in a bit!

Before choosing the material, however, you need to focus for a second on the performance you want to obtain from your window, because the value of a window or door, beyond the material, is given by its characteristics and results. When it comes to the UPVC hardware for doors and windows, then you need to be specific in choice.

For example, those who live in a high-traffic area will certainly have different needs (acoustic insulation) compared to those who live in the open countryside (thermal insulation).

Here, in this case, noise abatement and thermal abatement are the performances, and they vary according to the living environment in which we live.

First, decide what performance you want to achieve, and only at the end choose the most suitable material. You will also need the use of the UPVC gaskets in this case.

The performance of the window is:

  • Resistance to air, water, and wind load
  • Thermal insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Safety
  • Functionality

Putting these performances on the same level, the solution that has the best quality/price ratio is UPVC

If you want a thermal break from an aluminum or wooden window with the same performance, you will have to invest more. The price difference between the various materials is due to the characteristics of the material, processing costs, and particular aesthetic characteristics.

Here are the UPVC hardware Items That Are Mostly Used:

UPVC Crescent Lock

These locks are made with aluminum and one can use it with the turn and lift latch opening action only. The locking unit is powder coated and it is white.

UPVC Sliding Folding Hardware

These UPVC casement hardware items include Middle Hinges, Top Hinges, 3D Hinges, Bottom Hinges, Top & Bottom Corner, Pop up Handle/Sword Handel, Door Lock Set, Sliding D Handle, Top Rail, Shoot Bolt, Bottom Rail. The color of these items is white.

Anti-Burglar Unit

This aluminum-built unit happens to be most important when it comes to door protection. Available in white color, they are fixed with nine bearings.

UPVC Gasket

This is the UPVC gasket that is used on windows or doors for creating a high-quality compression seal at the time it closes. The gasket goes in between the frame and the opening part. It gets assigned in a way that the door or window squashes at the time of closing. That helps the window or the door to fit properly.

Thermal insulation windows

Have you ever walked up to the windows and feel a shiver of cold? Well, you should know that in winter, because of those drafts, an average of 23% of the energy normally used to heat your home is lost from the windows. It means that every year you throw away 23% of the money from your gas bill.

This dispersion value, also called transmittance, can be reduced according to the material with which the window frame is made and the type of glass used.

The lower the transmittance value is, the greater the isolation is. The greater the insulation is, the greater the living comfort is and the lower the heating is and cooling costs ate of your home. If you want windows that protect you from the cold (and save you 23% of your monthly bill), you need to choose windows with a low transmittance value. 

Acoustic insulation fixtures

You must know that noise is one of the main causes of stress and can cause serious damage to your health, as well as compromising the quality of your life and your rest. To protect yourself from annoying noises, you must choose windows and glass with a high sound insulation value. This value is expressed in decibels (dB). The higher this value, the greater the sound insulation and the more peacefully you will sleep during the night.

These benefits of UPVC doors and windows coupled with high-quality hardware make UPVC products durable, long-lasting, money-saving, and reliable. Next time you go and lookout for the best replacement for your doors and windows, consider UPVC for sure.