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The UPVC casement series hardware makes your home stand out from the rest of the homes in your area. When installing a UPVC profile in the doors and windows of your home, choose between sliding and casement series UPVC hardware. In casement UPVC hardware, you have multiple options to choose from to create a perfect aura for your new dream home.

When choosing the right UPVC casement hardware, choose tastefully according to your taste and perfect quality hardware ensures the movement of UPVC doors and windows of your new dream homes lasts for ages to come.

The most important thing to remember when installing a casement series UPVC hardware is compatibility. Choose carefully which casement hardware is best suited for your UPVC profile and whether your UPVC casement hardware can withstand the weight of the UPVC door or window of your home. Choosing the wrong hardware can cause the efficiency of the doors & windows and can directly affect it in the long run. Be wise and choose the right UPVC hardware so that it can last for a lifetime.

Here are some of the Casement UPVC Hardware that you can use in your casement UPVC doors and windows:

  • HINGES: Hinges play a major role in the casement series. They are there for the smooth functioning of doors and windows. You have to first check the size of your door or window then decide which hinge will be best suited for it. Hinges basically ensure the smooth movement of doors and windows when we open or close it. Types of hinges are:
  • 2D Hinge
  • 3D Hinge (Capacity- Up to 120Kg)
  • Channel Hinge
  • Butt Hinge
  • L Hinge

Based on the size of doors and windows, 3 or more than 3 hinges are used in a single window or door.

  • HANDLES: Handles ensures whether the door or window is securely closed or not. They are used for the smooth opening and closing of doors and windows. Just like hinges, handles also are very important UPVC casement hardware as it ensures that the door or window is securely locked or not. Casement handles come in many types and you can choose handles with keys for main entrances and handles without keys for rooms inside. Some types of casement series UPVC handles are:
  • Cockspur Handle
  • Casement Window Handle
  • Casement Window Handle with Key
  • Casement Door Both Sides Handle
  • Casement Door Both Sides Handle One Side Key
  • Casement Door Both Sides Handle with Mortise Both Sides Lock Set.
  • FRICTION STAY: Friction Stay ensures that your door or window remains secured in one position where you have last left it in. It helps reduce the pressure from the hinges while opening or closing the UPVC doors and windows. Some types of friction stay include:
  • Friction Stay SS 304 (Heavy Duty),
  • Friction Stay SS 202 (Light Duty),

All friction stays comes in 4 different sizes: 8” , 10” , 12” & 14”

  • CASEMENT ESPAGES: It offers a multi-point locking system with enhanced security for your casement UPVC doors & windows with weather and noise sealing. It comes in different sizes:
  • 600 (2 locking points, Backset- 22mm)
  • 800 (2 locking points, Backset- 22mm)
  • 1000 (2 locking points, Backset- 22mm)
  • 1200 (2 locking points, Backset- 22mm)
  • 1600 (4 locking points, Backset- 22mm)
  • 1800 (4 locking points, Backset- 22mm)
  • 2000 (4 locking points, Backset- 22mm)

            Casement espages come in two different types:

  1. Casement Espage, 22mm Backset
  2. Casement Espage with Cylinder, 35mm Backset.

So, always choose the best UPVC casement series hardware for your home’s UPVC doors and windows so that your home can shine bright for ages to come without any hassle.