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Are uPVC Doors easy to break in?

Any door is as secure as its glass. It’s entirely dependant on the type of glass used. There are plenty of glasses that could serve the purpose of security and one of them is laminated glass. It is majorly employed in uPVC doors which puts break-ins right next to impossible. It does not allow the glass to shatter & holds itself up during an attempt to break in.

Are uPVC Windows load bearing?

The load-bearing capacity of a window is directly related to its size limitation. In that case, size is definitely not the limit for uPVC windows, the conventional sense of the size of windows. So obviously uPVC windows can pack a punch.

Are uPVC windows secure?

Unlike the wooden or aluminium windows, uPVC has a wide range of hardware that could be incorporated with it. This wide array of hardware offers it multi-point locks & it could also be incorporated with strong glasses like toughened glass, laminated glass etc., avoiding the need for grills. Thus you can be safe in style.

Can we fix uPVC windows with Mosquito mesh / Insect screen?

Insect screens are a part of most of the windows systems. They help us enjoy our windows to the fullest extent by letting us see nature as it is & not worry about the insects that come along with it. When this joins hand with a window system that has all the best qualities that a modern customer requires, who would say no to that? That’s mosquito mesh in a uPVC window for you.

How much uPVC windows & uPVC Doors cost?

uPVC windows & uPVC Doors actually cost a lot less than an aluminium or wood window that’s equipped well enough to match its performance. Despite costing less they cut down on cost in a lot of places like in your energy bill as they’re excellent insulators, they cut down on maintenance cost as they as virtually maintenance free& literally need no paint jobs. They are just a couple of examples that make uPVC an excellent option.

How uPVC Windows are better than Aluminium & Wooden Windows?

The recent time windows are made of wood, aluminium & uPVC. Wooden windows are old classics It gives the house an antique look & It’s been around for a long time, but as times changed the features it offered were barely enough. It bloated after getting exposed to heavy rain over a long period of time thus preventing it from serving its true purpose of providing insulation to your house. Aluminium windows came in at a later stage, solving certain problems that wooden windows had but lacked the antique look and were terrible in energy efficiency. But the uPVC windows have come up with a solution for all the shortcomings of the prior windows. They have a wide range of colour options.

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