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In today’s time uPVC is the prime option when it comes to the selection of façade in homes, and in uPVC facades sliding doors and windows are the most commonly selected products amongst the customers. So, we shall be discussing about the key elements that a homeowner or an architect should always keep in mind while selecting their uPVC doors and windows.

The Quality of uPVC Profile

Always ask about the uPVC profile that the fabricator or the builder is going to use in the making of your uPVC doors and windows. The most commonly used uPVC profiles in India are Lesso, Simta, Fenova and Encraft. The key thing to remember while selecting the uPVC profile for your homes is that you should ask about the titanium percentage of the profile, the higher it is the stronger the profile.


The strength of the reinforcement

Steel reinforcement is the one that constitutes the strength of your uPVC doors and Windows, without that uPVC is just a piece of plastic. So always enquire about the quality of reinforcement or GI used in your doors and windows

The Thickness of Glass

The thickness of glass really matters as it controls the temperature and the rigidity, make sure that you opt for more than 5mm thickness glass. Also check with your fabricator whether the glass is tuff end or not.

The Grade of Rubber Profiles used

Rubber profile is the element that will hold the glass to your upvc doors and windows. So, you must always ask about the grade of rubber profile that is being used in the making of your Façade. There are many qualities of rubber profile that are being used in the market today from low quality ones such as PVC gasket to high quality ones such as EPDM. EPDM rubber profiles will last the longest and will keep the bond between your glass and upvc forever. Apart from sealing rubber profiles also control the temperature and reduces exterior noises.

High quality uPVC Hardware

uPVC hardware is the functional part of your doors and windows, the better the quality of hardware the longer your doors and windows will be functional. There are many types of hardware that are used in uPVC doors and windows. Such as in sliding doors and windows the most essential element Is the roller, if the roller gets rusted due to the weather your sliding doors wont function after a while. So always enquire about the quality of hardware used and the warranty that comes with the uPVC hardware.

Above were some of the most important elements that you must keep in mind while selecting or purchasing uPVC doors and windows. Always ask about the quality and the warranty that you get for the separate parts of your uPVC doors.