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UPVC rubber gasket is the most important part of any UPVC door or window as they are the reason the glass in the windows stays fixed without going haywire. A rubber gasket is necessary for any UPVC Door or window because it keeps all the dirt or dusk away from your home’s interior. Rubber gaskets also prevent leaks and make a perfect seal between the glass and the UPVC profile.

So, we know the importance of rubber gaskets in UPVC doors and windows, but how to choose the right rubber gaskets as there are several types of gaskets available in the market.

The rubber gasket you should look for is EPDM rubber gasket. But why EPDM?

EPDM is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, which is basically a synthetic rubber synthesized from petroleum by-products.

EPDM is used most commonly in construction and automobile industry for various seals due to its excellent resistance to environmental factors such as ozone, UV, etc.

For many years PVC was used but when EPDM was introduced, it overtook all the gaskets in the industry because of its excellence in every aspect.

Some factors which make EPDM rubber gasket more superior than any other UPVC rubber gaskets in UPVC industry are:

  • ELONGATION: Elongation is basically the strength of any material. It means how stretchy material is and how the material is performing when it is being expanded or contracted.

EPDM stays flexible up to temperature as low as -10°C

This is the reason it is widely used in harsh environments.

  • TEMPERATURE: The temperature resistance of rubber is very important when the temperature is changing drastically in very little time in a particular area. Choosing the wrong rubber can result in melting, freezing, and then breaking, deforming or the material can become brittle. This will not only affect the physical structure of UPVC doors & windows but will also waste your hard-earned money.

So, the EPDM rubber gasket when compared with other rubber gaskets have significantly better resistance to the temperature which is till 130°C (266°F).

  • OIL RESISTANCE: Most materials easily get swollen when exposed to oil for a longer time. EPDM has better resistance to oil than any other rubber out there in the UPVC industry.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESISTANCE: If any material is to be applied outside the house or a plant, it is prone to environmental resistance due to many factors, such as UV rays, sunlight, dirt, grim, ozone.

Some rubbers crack due to environmental resistance when applied outdoors. So, for outdoors we have to choose the right rubber gasket so that they are not prone to any environmental resistance.

EPDM rubber gaskets have excellent resistance to environmental factors such as UV, ozone. It has very high resistance to such general environmental factors as compared to other rubbers, which makes it perfect for outdoor application.

  • Tear Strength: Tear strength of rubber is basically the maximum resistance up to which the rubber starts tearing. EPDM has very good tear strength as compared with other rubbers out there, which makes it more durable and long-lasting.

So, these are some of the factors which make EPDM rubber gaskets superior to any other rubber gaskets for UPVC out there.

You have to choose carefully the type of gasket you want to apply to your dream home so that you don’t have to worry about it for ages to come.

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